Too good to be true?

Our clients don't think so!

Core Central - Sammy Knaggs

How to get some well-being for your business

When Sammy launched her business to take care of others, she ran out of time to take care of her business and herself. When The Business Organiser and Xero came along, it helped Sammy focus on what she does best and get the little things back into her life.

Mates Rates - Greg Wells

Stay on the job and out of the office

As a carpenter, Greg likes to be on the job rather than in the office worrying about paperwork. When The Business Organiser introduced him to Xero, it gave him a sense of control over where the business was headed and he found more time to be out working with his crew.

WOOHOO Salon - Kirstie Stafford

Make your business work for you

Lifestyle is a number one priority for Kirsty. She spends her days providing personalised service to her clients, so she needed to personalise her business for herself. When she went to the cloud with Xero, everything was so easy and she could get her lifestyle back.

Under31 - Kellie McLaughlin

I wanted to learn how to do my books and use Xero myself, but my finance skills weren't great. Deb made the whole thing painless and with her help, especially the way she explained things, I was able to grasp the basics.

She helped me get a really good insight into my finances. Deb was easy to talk to and went above and beyond to help me get Xero and my books in order. TBO was always contactable and I felt Deb really identified with my business and exactly where I needed help.

Donna Check - Green Homes Australia Illawarra

I've been doing the accounts for my small business for 15 years but I was nervous about changing to something new, like Xero. Deb made it so easy for me. She was thorough and explained things in a way that I understood. It was just so simple. I knew I would need extra support along the way, and TBO has been fantastic. Deb answers questions quickly and in plain English so I understand exactly what I need to do. With Deb's help, using Xero has been so much easier and made a world of difference.
I tell everyone about Deb. She made it so simple to work with Xero, and I love simple.

Kim McGann - Wedding Entrepreneurs Academy

Deb and the team have been life savers to me and my business for many years now. As a busy mum of four running my own business can be hard enough without handling the bookkeeping also. Deb is always available to help and I love that she changed me over form MYOB to Xero – It's clean, easy to use and fast. I'd be lost without her.

Karen Cranney - Licensed Conveyancer

After TBO switched my business from MYOB to XERO I could see the benefits straight away, so I decided to set up a personal XERO account to manage my investment properties.

After a decade of keeping financial records in a filing cabinet, I no longer have to wait until my Tax Returns are done each year to see my Profit and Loss Statements for each property to ascertain how they are performing. I can monitor them all year round and with such ease!

I am very busy in all aspects of my life and Xero is now saving me so much time. Thanks Deb

Nelson Bay Crane Trucks - Kerry

By being able to outsource all my payroll, end of month entries & BAS & other admin duties TBO have given me time to concentrate on other areas of the business and better meet dead lines. TBO have reduced my stress levels & saved me thousands of dollars by not having to hire more staff.

Just Like Fish - Damon

TBO provided a seamless move from MYOB to Xero through current, accurate and well delivered advice. The team are friendly, helpful and responsive and will even give you a kick up the backside when required...with a smile of course.

Stephen Ballinger - Financial Planning

The old way of accounting was too labour intensive, expensive and slow. TBO's recommendation to change from MYOB to Xero has changed my life - I now know where my finances are at in real time!


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